Northeast Glacial Lakes Watershed Improvement & Protection Project

Lake & Stream Ecology


Water Quality Workshop

The workshop offers both a two and three day curriculum.  The two day workshop is designed for lake associationn members and resource agency personnel who want to learn more about lake and stream ecology and non-point source pollution.  A three day workshop is offered for teachers and graduate students interested in earning graduate credit or continuing education units.  Workshop activities include field trips to nearby streams, lakes and reservoirs to collect and identify aquatic invertebrates, hands-on use of basic water quality testing equipment; classroom activities that include the lake game, delineating watersheds, building a seechi disk and collecting sieve; and lectures on basic limnology and non-point source pollution identification and prevention.  Participants will also take home a voucher collection of aquatic invertebrates collected during the workshop.  There is no cost for the workshop however participants wishing to earn graduate credit and/or continuing education units will need to pay the fees for these credits.


2022 Workshop June 1-3 
NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center