Prairie Coteau Watershed Improvement & Protection Project

Grazing Management and Improvement Programs and Incentives 


Cost share is available from a number of sources for improving grazing management on pasture and range.  The Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentive Program or EQIP is the main funding source for implementing grazing improvements in the project area.  EQIP will pay the producer incentives for implementing best management practices (BMPs) that will improve forage quantity and quality, plant diversity, animal health, water quality, and wildlife habitat while insuring the economic viability of the operation.

Information on grazing management and practices available through EQIP are found on the following fact sheets:


Prescribed Grazing


Common Grazing Management in South Dakota


Common Conservation Practices for Grazing Grasslands




Contact your local Conservation District, NRCS Field Office, or the Northeast Glacial Lakes Watershed Project for information on EQIP and other programs available to producers to improve grazing management.