Northeast Glacial Lakes Watershed Improvement & Protection Project


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SD Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources new Historical Lake Levels



 Mission Statement

The goal of the Northeast

Glacial Lakes Watershed
 Improvement and Protection
 Project is to improve and
protect the water quality
 of northeast South Dakota
 lakes and streams.



The Northeast Glacial Lakes Watershed Improvement and Protection Project is a cooperative venture between Day, Grant, Marshall and Roberts County Conservation Districts to protect and improve the water quality of northeast South Dakota lakes,  reservoirs, streams and rivers.  This web site will provide information to agricultural landowners and producers on cost share programs available to implement best management practices designed to improve water quality, livestock and cropland production plus a wealth of information useful for lakeshore property owners, recreational users and the general public.


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Shoreline Assessment of Pickerel Lake

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Preliminary Survey of

Selected Aquatic

Invertebrates of NESD



Upcoming Events
Lake and Stream Ecology and Water Quality Workshop
June 3 -5, 2019
NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center - Enemy Swim Lake

2019 Summer Conservation Technician/Environmental Educator